This guide covers the Benefits of IV Therapy.

IV therapy has been used predominantly in modern medicine to combat diseases and for faster delivery of nutrients, hydration, and medication to the circulatory system.

Nonetheless, in this era of convenience entwined with numerous pitfalls, IV therapy infusions are not restricted to hospitals and care centers for strictly medical purposes. The stress that hovers like a ubiquitous entity in our lives has given newer definitions to IV therapy infusions.                   

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy (Intravenous therapy) is a medical procedure in which fluids containing nutrients, electrolytes, antibiotics, antivirals, or hydration are injected directly into a vein through IV drips or pushes.

In medical phraseology, any drug or medicinal fluid taken by an oral route has to go under hepatic first-pass elimination which reduces its bioavailability to a drastic extent.

IV therapy is mostly used for:

• Hangover relief

• Athletic performance recovery

• Immunity support

• Cold and flu relief

• Inflammation

• Digestion issue

• Exhaustion

In a relatively simple diction, with IV therapy the injected fluids are spared from passing through the gastrointestinal system and undergoing their reduction by the liver. They are 90-100% absorbed and assimilated into the body.

Benefits of iv therapy

Benefits of IV Therapy

The medical personnel are sufficiently aware of the benefits of IV therapy and harvests them according to the need of the hour.

Severe cases of any disease group are started on IV therapy for hydration and a course of antibiotics. The benefits of IV ozone therapy are a common controversy in today’s medical world.

For the commoner and especially health-conscious man, the benefits of IV therapy are expansive and vigorous.

1. Vitamin IV therapy boosts your immunity

Stress can be a contributing factor in the debilitation of your body’s immunity. It burrows leisurely and silently through the defenses of your body. IV vitamin therapy contains several vitamin complexes and nutrients that strengthen the immune system.

Vitamin C stimulates the activity of white blood cells, aids in the absorption of iron, and heals wounds. Vitamin D regulates the activity of various immune cells and plays a pivotal role in adaptive and innate immune responses.

Vitamin iv therapy boosts your immunity

Vitamin B complexes are involved in critical immune system support through the production of red blood cells and oxygen transport throughout the body.

2. IV fluids and electrolytes cure hangovers

While living an exciting nightlife and binging on alcohol gives jitters of ecstasy, the hangover that follows is nerve-racking and frustrating. We got to admit- hangovers do not pass that easily!

That is where IV therapy infusions come to the rescue. IV drips restore the balance tipped off by alcohol in your system.

It replenishes all the required electrolytes and vitamins in your body and fights off the free radicals produced as a byproduct of alcohol metabolism through glutathione- an antioxidant.

3. IV therapy gives a timeless skin

Early aging is triggered by stress and unhealthy living and it can be avoided. NAD+(Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a natural enzyme present in all cells that repair the damaged cells and fights against free radical oxidation.

With NAD+ enzyme infusions, the skin can be repaired and given a lustrous glow.

4. IV therapy triggers weight loss

Weight loss is a dominant concern in this world of sedentary preferences. IV therapy infusions can help in weight loss when administered with proper diet and exercise.

The IV drips for weight loss contain an amalgam of vitamins, nutrients, and fat-burning components that accelerate the metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the more your body will burn stubborn fat.

5. IV therapy hydration invigorates the body

It is okay to feel a little under the weather when stress takes a toll. The challenges one has to face while living in this era drain the energy of the body.

IV therapy infusions revive the energy of your deprived body and help you in feeling energized and reformed. It is no surprise-an energized body is directly proportional to a positive mindset!

6. IV therapy infusion reduces stress

Stress is the culprit in everything that frenzies up your mind and body. It subdues your immunity, accelerates aging, and increases the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes. With unconditional stress, one falls prey to depression.

If you decide to choose IV therapy to reduce your stress, you are all set! It plenishes the vitamins and nutrients in your body to help you feel liberated. The IV infusions counter the effects of burnout and low mood.

7. IV infusions act as a detoxification booster

Toxins are produced at a fast pace in the body, and sometimes the body is iundated by the toxins to an extent where the natural immunity fails to detoxify them. IV therapy infuses a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and fluids that suppresses and eliminates the toxins in your body. The oxidation is inhibited with antioxidants, saving your body from harmful effects.

8. IV therapy promotes early recovery in athletes

Rigorous athletic activities consume the energy, electrolytes, and nutrients in the body, which leaves the athletes exhausted and dehydrated. IV therapy hydration recovers the lost elements and rehydrates the body, thus aiding in post-workout and after athletics recovery.

9. IV hydration treats and reduces the migraine attacks

While migraine is not a medical emergency, it can be bad enough to make you run for your life. Acute attacks of migraine can be treated effectively through IV therapy infusions. They contain a concoction of NSAIDs, triptans, magnesium, and IV hydrates that help in early recuperation from migraine. The IV therapy also reduces the episodes of migraine attacks, and their effect last for a month.

10. Myer’s cocktail for chronic fatigue syndrome

The modified “Myers’ cocktail,” has various components. Magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, and vitamin C are to name a few.

Research has been conducted on its efficacy to treat various medical problems including chronic fatigue, common medical conditions, and otherwise arduous to be treated.

On similar grounds, it is effective against acute asthmatic attacks, migraines, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasm, and seasonal allergic rhinitis.

While IV therapy has many benefits one should be careful about the infections that can occur at the injection sites. IV therapy has minor side effects that include pain, swelling, erythema, and scarring at the IV site.

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