The following guide covers the Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy.

What is NAD IV Therapy?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is an important nucleotide present in human cells.

NAD is a pyridine nucleotide that acts as an important cofactor that helps in multiple biological processes like DNA repair, gene expression, energy production, immunoregulatory role, and calcium-dependent secondary messenger signaling.

In NAD IV therapy NAD is introduced into the body intravenously and helps to stimulate cell regeneration in the body.

Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy

1. NAD+ IV therapy helps in reversing age-associated degenerative disease

When intracellular NAD+ levels are increased in the body, they give promising therapeutic results for age-associated degenerative diseases in general and extend lifespan. The coenzyme NAD+ is produced naturally by the body and it is responsible for reversing the aging effects. The stores of naturally available NAD in the body are sometimes lower to meet the daily demand which is responsible for premature aging and a slower metabolism (6). A low level of NAD contributes to the aging process as the overtime length of telomeres decreases. NAD+IV therapy lengthens telomeres and reverses the damage that helps to look younger and feel better.

Nad+ iv therapy helps in reversing age-associated degenerative disease

2. NAD+ IV therapy helps in increasing brain activity

NAD is an important nucleotide that is present in the brain. The main function of NAD in the brain is to shield cells from losing a substance called myelin. Myelin plays a vital role in fast communication between brain cells. It is also observed from various research that NAD could function as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It proves that NAD may play a more direct role in brain cell-to-cell communication. NAD IV therapy helps clear brain fog and plays an important role in improving decision-making skills, better judgment, faster mental reflexes, and clear thinking (2).

3. NAD+ IV Therapy is a metabolism and energy booster

NAD+ IV Therapy helps boost your energy when a person is tired due to age factors or while fighting chronic fatigue. NAD+ coenzyme when administered intravenously by IV Therapy immediately provides energy at a molecular level and the person feels more energetic (3). Furthermore, NAD+ IV therapy also promotes healthy metabolism. A healthy metabolism plays a crucial role in maintaining overall body weight and maintaining blood glucose levels. Beyond increasing overall energy NAD+ IV therapy also plays its role in maintaining the blood glucose level and body weight (3).

4. NAD+ IV therapy treats Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the major problems of this modern era. It is a disease in which an individual has no self-control over when and how often they seek out drugs. NAD+IV therapy helps in the fight against drug addiction as it relieves the symptoms of drug withdrawal and promotes cellular repair in the body. IV NAD therapy provides maximum results with 100% absorption compared to oral supplements as IV treatments bypass the digestive system (4). NAD+IV therapy is convenient co-therapy to use at home in combination with traditional drug rehab treatments. Addiction rehabilitation programs have also incorporated AND+IV therapy into their comprehensive treatment plan as it helps to repair the damage that occurs due to drug addiction. The brain’s neurotransmitters got damaged due to heavy chronic substances. NAD+IV helps in repairing that damage and helps in healing the body both mentally and physically, it detoxifies the body which has an important role in recovery. It is also appropriate for those who have been diagnosed with both an addiction and a mental health disorder as it helps in mood uplifting.


Pain is felt by the body when sensory nerves transmit the signals of pain from different body parts toward the brain, the brain processes the pain signals and then we felt the pain. This type of pain is known as acute pain, and it is of a shorter duration. neuropathic pain is chronic pain, the chronic pain only resolves when the underlying cause of pain is addressed. NAD+IV therapy is used to treat pain without causing side effects and addiction. NAD +IV therapy is a natural and holistic process that provides outstanding results. An active NAD+ coenzyme helps in cellular regeneration. Currently, many clinical trials are going on to check the efficacy of chronic pain treatment. (5


In the United States, around 300,000 – 400,000 deaths occur each year due to sudden cardiac arrest (SCD). with an annual incidence of 60 per 100,000. SDA is mostly encountered in patients who don’t have a history of heart disease. SCA is a major global health problem as a large number of SCA patients are unable to survive. NAD+ is an important molecule as it is involved in multiple cellular processes, and it interacts with around 500 enzymes. Many human studies have proven that NAD+IV therapy has played a crucial role in decreasing the mortality rate from cardiac arrest disease (CAD). (7)

7. NAD+IV therapy can treat Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disease that damages the nervous system The underlying reason behind Parkinson’s disease is the reduction in the amount of dopamine produced by the brain. Dopamine plays an essential role in maintaining the overall health of the brain and body as it controls body movement. When the amount of dopamine in the body decreases the control of body movement also decreases, as a result, the person losses control of body balance, muscle tremors start in fingers hands, and limbs, alterations in speech abilities, muscles stiffness, sluggish body motion and Loss of the ability to blink or perform other involuntary movements. A permanent cure for this disease has not been discovered yet, however, the symptoms can be minimized with the help of NAD+IV therapy. NAD+IV therapy helps restore the NAD levels in the body, which helps automatically repair damaged DNA. If IV therapy of NAD is provided to Parkinson’s patients at early stages so the symptoms of this disease can be reversed. As a result, this slowing in disease progression enables us to keep symptoms to a minimum (8).

8. NAD+IV therapy as a vaccine Booster

NAD+IV therapy helps in improving and restoring the overall health and fitness of the body and brain. Nowadays NAD+IV therapy is also used as a vaccine booster, and it is also frequently used for Covid therapy. During covid-19 high doses of NAD+ are intravenously infused into the veins which bypasses the digestive system and give rapid results. When a body gets attacked by covid-19 NAD helps the body in combatting by boosting its reparative and restorative process. NAD covid therapy also benefited the well-known podcaster Joe Rogan in combating the covid-19. (12)

9. Sun Damage can be reversed through NAD+IV therapy

Healthy cells of the skin get damaged from exposure to UV rays from the sun (9). As sun damage affects cell makeup, and as a result, damage to the skin like spots on the skin wrinkles, freckles, and. Sometimes skin cancer may even occur (10). NAD+IV therapy can repair damaged DNA, helps reduce signs of photoaging, and stops actinic keratosis. NAD is a co-factor for the PARP enzymes that play a key role in DNA repair, so it also helps in reversing the effects of sun damage (10).

10. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation in the body occurs when the body is exposed to certain toxic chemicals, inflammatory foods, and breathing in pollutants. Inflammation damages the body’s cells, and its DNA. NAD+IV therapy helps in increasing the NAD+ coenzyme which helps in the activation of PARPS, which reverses DNA damage and provides protection from further damage (11).

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